Warrior Magic APHA #1,091,325


Big shapey black and white stud colt sired by Mastr Coy Bonanza, APHA rope horse champion and race bred bred on the dams side. Should be a good one with looks to go with. 

Riskey Sundancer APHA #1,092,030

Super fancy black and white homozygous paint filly. Bred for performance with a big hip and cute face! Asking $1800

Big Cheyenne Warrior APHA #1,091,324

Huge stud colt bred to run and perform, should mature close to 16 hands. Can take him in any direction!  Asking $1550

Streakin Pocahontas APHA #1,091,326

Very pretty black and white filly, very friendly, loves people. She will track you down in the pasture. She has a huge hip and beautiful head. She is bred to fly on her sires side and perform on her dams side of pedigree. Eligible for the 5-State Barrel Futurity.  Asking $2950.00

Streakin Little Joe IQPA #22202080


This little guy is a super fancy Quarter Pony with a big hip and cute head. He is bred to run on his sires side and out of a 12 hand pony mare. Hard to find these kind. Should mature to around 13-14 hands. Eligible for the 5 State Barrel Futurity.

Turquoise Princess APHA #1,091,310


Beautiful black and white filly, very gentle and loves people. Put together really nice with Riskey Business and AAA runners in her pedigree. 

Rockin' PJ Performance Horses

Riskey Jesse James APHA #1,091,510


Here is a really nice big black and white stud colt. His sire is a rope horse champion, his dam's pedigree is full of speed bred horses. 

2019 Buckskin Stud Colt 

This buckskin stud colt is all quarter horse with a great performance pedigree. His mom is out of a son of Mr. Illuminator. Sadly we will not be able to provide registration papers, but we do know his entire bloodline. Should make a hell of a nice gelding. Papers show are 'Myheartsmoken' who is his dam and the pedigree of the stud. Asking $1100

Cashy Kitty Wells APHA #1,091,556

This filly has Mr Illuminator and Riskey Business on her papers, with Showum Jet and Texas High Dasher in her extended pedigree. She should be a super athlete with her breeding. Asking $950

Streakinforthecash APHA #1,091,359

This filly is a barrel horse prospect deluxe. Texas High Dasher granddaughter. Steakin Six on her papers and many more greats. She will get the job done. Eligible for the 5 State Barrel Futurity  Asking $6500

Baby Smoky APHA #1,091,311

Nice friendly filly, bred to run and perform. Great prospect with Riskey Business and AAA running bred horses in her pedigree.  Asking $1650

2019 Foals for Sale 

Easy Jet Style APHA #1,091,358

Outstanding filly that is homozygous paint and homozygous black. Lots of speed bred into this gal. We kept a full brother (Streakin In Style) for our upcoming stallion, he is that nice! Will have a lot of size. Eligible for the 5 state barrel futurity. Asking $6500

Holly Get Your Gun APHA #1,091,463

Fancy black and white filly with a huge hip, cool marked face and white ear. Very friendly with lots of speed and performance in her pedigree. Will be a super athlete. Asking $1250

Ms Queen of Hearts APHA #1,091,309

This filly will fight for your attention, she will be a performer deluxe with bloodlines Riskey Business, Texas High Dasher, and Lone Drifter all on her papers. Asking $950