2019 Buckskin Stud Colt 

This buckskin stud colt is all quarter horse with a great performance pedigree. His mom is out of a son of Mr. Illuminator. Sadly we will not be able to provide registration papers, but we do know his entire bloodline. Should make a hell of a nice gelding. Papers show are 'Myheartsmoken' who is his dam and the pedigree of the stud. Asking $1100

Turquoise Princess APHA #1,091,310


Beautiful black and white filly, very gentle and loves people. Put together really nice with Riskey Business and AAA runners in her pedigree. 

Easy Jet Style APHA #1,091,358

Outstanding filly that is homozygous paint and homozygous black. Lots of speed bred into this gal. We kept a full brother (Streakin In Style) for our upcoming stallion, he is that nice! Will have a lot of size. Eligible for the 5 state barrel futurity. Asking $6500

Streakinforthecash APHA #1,091,359

This filly is a barrel horse prospect deluxe. Texas High Dasher granddaughter. Steakin Six on her papers and many more greats. She will get the job done. Eligible for the 5 State Barrel Futurity  Asking $6500

Riskey Sundancer APHA #1,092,030

Super fancy black and white homozygous paint filly. Bred for performance with a big hip and cute face! Asking $1800

Riskey Jesse James APHA #1,091,510


Here is a really nice big black and white stud colt. His sire is a rope horse champion, his dam's pedigree is full of speed bred horses. 

Cashy Kitty Wells APHA #1,091,556

This filly has Mr Illuminator and Riskey Business on her papers, with Showum Jet and Texas High Dasher in her extended pedigree. She should be a super athlete with her breeding. Asking $950

Big Cheyenne Warrior APHA #1,091,324

Huge stud colt bred to run and perform, should mature close to 16 hands. Can take him in any direction!  Asking $1550

Streakin Pocahontas APHA #1,091,326

Very pretty black and white filly, very friendly, loves people. She will track you down in the pasture. She has a huge hip and beautiful head. She is bred to fly on her sires side and perform on her dams side of pedigree. Eligible for the 5-State Barrel Futurity.  Asking $2950.00

Baby Smoky APHA #1,091,311

Nice friendly filly, bred to run and perform. Great prospect with Riskey Business and AAA running bred horses in her pedigree.  Asking $1650

Holly Get Your Gun APHA #1,091,463

Fancy black and white filly with a huge hip, cool marked face and white ear. Very friendly with lots of speed and performance in her pedigree. Will be a super athlete. Asking $1250

Streakin Little Joe IQPA #22202080


This little guy is a super fancy Quarter Pony with a big hip and cute head. He is bred to run on his sires side and out of a 12 hand pony mare. Hard to find these kind. Should mature to around 13-14 hands. Eligible for the 5 State Barrel Futurity.

Ms Queen of Hearts APHA #1,091,309

This filly will fight for your attention, she will be a performer deluxe with bloodlines Riskey Business, Texas High Dasher, and Lone Drifter all on her papers. Asking $950

Warrior Magic APHA #1,091,325


Big shapey black and white stud colt sired by Mastr Coy Bonanza, APHA rope horse champion and race bred bred on the dams side. Should be a good one with looks to go with. 

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